Pyxis, founded in 2012, operates out of Holliston, Massachusetts as well as in Shanghai, China. We offer high quality inline and handheld fluorometers, fluorescent tracing chemicals, and supports to the water treatment industry.

With our help in instrumentation, chemistry, and knowledge in cooling and boiler water treatment, a large amount of water treatment companies around the globe have embraced their fluorescence traced programs. Our products have been installed in thousands of locations across various industries in last four years. With each of these installations, we improve the customers operations by controlling chemical dosing, delivering higher productivity, and reducing the environmental impact of water treatment operations.

Our products are designed by an experienced team of former water treatment professionals who have had years of experience in industry from major water treatment companies.

We combine a broad range of the latest chemical, material, optical and electronics technologies to enable you to apply water treatment products more accurately and effectively ever before. We are devoted to cutting edge technology and instrumentation robustness for wider ranges, lower detection limits, higher accuracies, and easier operations.


Water Multimeter
Model/  SP-700B
Name/  Water Multimeter
The Pyxis SP-700 handh..