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Asahi Kasei Technosystem (ATS) is specialized in engineering and developing industrial equipment and systems under Asahi Kasei Group production facilities. Founded in April, 2002, ATS has become a world leader in the field of oil leak detectors within a short time and produces a wide range of industrial equipment, including vibration monitoring equipment and automatic test equipment (ATE) equipment which is indispensable to monitoring processes for semiconductors. Ketech has acquired the authority of agency for Asahi oil detectors for Taiwan market since 2006 and also has covered the market in mainland China recently.


Oil leak detector
Model/  CSR-3005/AS40
Name/  Oil leak detector
The Apolarm(TM) C oil ..
Oil Leak Detection System  MicroApolarm (CSR-1505)
The MicroApolarm(TM) o..
Laser Type Oil Film Detector  Apolarm M (LMD-3000)
A laser type oil film ..
Bottom Liquid Detection System  Apolarm B (CS-0305)
The Apolarm(TM) B syst..
Laser Type Oil Film Detector Apolarm H (LOW-10)
Laser scanning type oi..