ChemMIT Series: Ketech's own brand product

proimages/ChemMIT/chemmit_series.jpgKetech has developed its own brand product, ChemMIT series, since 1999 and has been recognized as a professional analyzer provider ever since. Its factory is situated in Kaohsiung where provides a good environment for developing state-of-the-art products and technologies for customers.

The company is dedicated in on-line process monitoring business since 2005. And its sales offices are also in Shanghai, Taipei and Kaohsiung. Their well-trained and experienced engineers ensure its instruments with good performance.

ChemMIT’s main products include on-line heavy metal analyzers (Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr6+…), toxic ion analyzers (fluoride ion, cyanide…), and environmental analyzers, such as COD, ammonia, nitrogen, phosphate, pH , ORP, flow meter for various applications in science parks, industrial parks, power plants, water utilities and petrochemical companies, electronic, chemical, printing & dying, steel industries.

The company is not only qualified with the permit of ‘Certificate for Measurement Conformity,’ but also offered ‘Certificate for Environmental Protective Products’ by CEP. ‘Unremitting efforts for Best Quality and Better Service’ is the aim of ChemMIT to provide clients with excellent products and services.




ChemMIT A7500 Photometer
Model/  A7500
Name/  ChemMIT A7500 Photometer
ChemMIT W7528 Nickel Analyzer
Wet Chemistry Analyzer..
Compact Controller
Model/  A7000 Lite
Name/  Compact Controller
This compact controlle..
UV COD Analyzer
Model/  W6311
Name/  UV COD Analyzer
To measure COD concent..
Ammonia Analyzer
Model/  W3107SY
Name/  Ammonia Analyzer
A Wet chemistry Analyz..
COD Analyzer
Model/  W3111
Name/  COD Analyzer
A Wet chemistry Analyz..
Total Phosphorus Analyzer
The ChemMIT W3115TP is..
Total Nitrogen Analyzer
The ChemMIT W3107T is ..
Sodium Analyzer
Model/  ChemMIT W3211
Name/  Sodium Analyzer
The ChemMIT W3211 is a..
Copper Analyzer
Model/  ChemMIT W3129SY
Name/  Copper Analyzer
The ChemMIT W3129 is a..
Nickel Analyzer
Model/  W3128SY
Name/  Nickel Analyzer
The ChemMIT W3128 is a..
Chromium Analyzer
Model/  W3124SY Cr6
Name/  Chromium Analyzer
The ChemMIT is a Wet C..
Zinc Analyzer
Model/  W3130SY
Name/  Zinc Analyzer
The ChemMIT is a Wet C..
Cyanide Analyzer
Model/  W3106
Name/  Cyanide Analyzer
The ChemMIT is a Wet C..
Silica Analyzer
Model/  W3114SY
Name/  Silica Analyzer
The ChemMIT W3114 is a..
Phosphorous Analyzer
Model/  W3115-1
Name/  Phosphorous Analyzer
The ChemMIT W3115 is a..
Phosphite Analyzer.
Model/  W3115 TP
Name/  Phosphite Analyzer.
Chloride Analzyer
Model/  W3112
Name/  Chloride Analzyer
The ChemMIT W3217 is a..
Fluoride Analyzer
Model/  W3209
Name/  Fluoride Analyzer
The ChemMIT is a Chemi..