OhioLumex Mercury Technology

proimages/Company_picture/ohio-lumex.jpgThe OhioLumex Co. is a manufacturer and distributor of analytical and scientific instrumentation. Lumex Ltd. specializes in the development and production of analytical instruments.

A wide variety of our instruments, meant for luminescent and photometric analysis, AAS, mass spectrometry, IR Fourier spectrometry, HPLC, HPCE, and microwave sample digestion technique, are primarily intended for and are widely used in environmental, industrial, and research laboratories.


Since 1999 Lumex had been certificated for the compliance with the international standard ISO 9001/94 by "AFAQ-ACERT International" (France) and "ACERT Bureau" (Russia) which was accredited at DAR/TGA (Germany). Having obtained, in 2004, the certificate of compliance of the quality management system with the new version of international standard ISO 9001/94, Lumex again has proved its capability to provide high-quality solutions of customer's problems. The certificate is issued by "ACERT Bureau" and is recognized by all the IAF and MLA country-members. The scope of the certified quality management system has been extended and covers design, development, production, delivery, sales, servicing of measuring and analytical equipment and supporting application methods.